Welcome to Sleep Cove

Sleep is our Passion

I want help you get a good night’s sleep as well as help you lead a relaxing lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Christopher and I have set up Sleep Cove to help people relax, sleep-well and de-stress.

After years of being a hypnotherapist, I realised that many people were struggling to sleep at night due to stress and worry in their lives. Hypnotherapy can bring so many benefits in relaxing people and letting go of worry.

Once I realised this, I set up Sleep Cove to give you free hypnosis and meditation audio to help you sleep. So far my tracks have been listening to thousands of people, and I hope you enjoy them too.

How does this benefit you

A calm mindset with improve your mental health.

You may not be able to sleep at night for many reasons and have stress in the day. 

Hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness can all aide in improving your stress levels and go into a deep sleep. Also, they can be practised in the day to lead a healthier and more positive lifestyle. 

All you need to do is listen to the positive audio at night. I hope I can help you improve your sleep patterns and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Always being honest in our mission to helping people sleep and development.